Friday, February 25, 2011

Book review : Tempted by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast

Title:  Tempted
Author : P.C Cast + Kristen Cast  
Release  :  October  27, 2009
Pages:  319
Publisher : St.  Martain's  press
Summary: So…you’d think after banishing an immortal being and a fallen High Priestess, saving Stark’s life, biting Heath, getting a headache from Erik, and almost dying, Zoey Redbird would catch a break.  Sadly, a break is not in the House of Night school forecast for the High Priestess in training and her gang.  Juggling three guys is anything but a stress reliever, especially when one of them is a sexy Warrior who is so into protecting Zoey that he can sense her emotions.  Speaking of stress, the dark force lurking in the tunnels under the Tulsa Depot is spreading, and Zoey is beginning to believe Stevie Rae could be responsible for a lot more than a group of misfit red fledglings.  Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from Kalona and his dark allure, but they also show that it is Zoey who has the power to stop the evil immortal.  Soon it becomes obvious that Zoey has no choice: if she doesn’t go to Kalona he will exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her.  Will Zoey have the courage to chance losing her life, her heart, and her soul?

Review:  The  sixth  book in the  house of  night   was  so  good   so  what happens  it  takes  place  right  after the  battle they had  with Kalona  and  Nerfert   and  Stark  was  shot  with an  arrow   and  he's  her Warrior  now which I though  was  sweet  (it helps he's sexy )   but she  still has her other  boyfriends  Heath and Erik  heath is  sweet  Erik is  a  Jackass   but  anyways   Stevie Ray is  still hiding  stuff from  Zoey  there are other  red  fegglings  bad  ones   and  then  there is  Rephiam   one of the  raven mockers  that stevie  ray  saved   which i thought  was kind of weird  scince there  evil    well in the  meantime  Erik and Zoey  broke up finally he  was just being  a Jerk   all the time to zoey and pressing  her  for sex   well  Apridite  had  another vision  about  Kalona  and  Zoey   so they  need to  see the    vampire council   and   Kalona  is still in  Zoey's  dreams   they  all  go  to italy and  something  sad happens  Heath dies  I don't think i  cired more when he  died  cause he  was so sweet  to zoey  and the  weird thing when  heath  died  part of  Zoey  died  to and  all   her  tattoos  vanished  I enjoyed this one can't wait for the  next one 
Happy  reading.

5 out of  5 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

book review blood promise by Richelle Mead

 Title: Blood  Promise  
Author :  Richelle  Mead
Pages  503 
Date : April 6, 2010
Publisher : Razorbill 
Summary : How far will Rose go to keep her promise?

The recent Strigoi attack at St. Vladimir’s Academy was the deadliest ever in the school’s history, claiming the lives of Moroi students, teachers, and guardians alike. Even worse, the Strigoi took some of their victims with them. . . including Dimitri.
He’d rather die than be one of them, and now Rose must abandon her best friend, Lissa—the one she has sworn to protect no matter what—and keep the promise Dimitri begged her to make long ago. But with everything at stake, how can she possibly destroy the person she loves most?
Review :  In this book rose travels to kill demiti now that he is a strigoi and free his sole cause that's what they promised they rather die than become a strigoi and rose meets a alkimist named Sydney she meets demiti's family and then encounters demiti and she tried to kill him meanwhile at the academy Lissa is going through allot  since  Rose  left t he academy    but  Lissa    meets Avery Lazar  who is a spirt  user but  she  said she was  an  air  user  and wants to kill Lissa Christian and Lissa break up rose finally kills demiti or so she thinks rose Is back at the academy and adrian wants a date with her when back at her room she gets a package with a silver stake in it and it's from you know who

5 out of  5 

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

book review : shadow kiss by richelle mead

Title: Shadow Kiss
Author Richelle Mead 
Pages: 443
Release:  November 13,2008
Publisher :  Razorbill
Summary: Rose Hathaway knows it is forbidden to love another guardian. Her best friend, Lissa-the last Dragomir princess-must always come first. Unfortunately, when it comes to gorgeous Dimitri Belikov, some rules are meant to be broken... 

But since making her first Strigoi kills, Rose hasn't been feeling right. Something dark has begun to grow in her mind, and ghostly shadows warn of a terrible evil drawing nearer to the Academy's iron gates. And now that Lissa and Rose's sworn enemy, Victor Dashkov, is on trial for his freedom, tensions in the Moroi world are higher than ever. 

Lying to Lissa about Dimitri is one thing but suddenly there's way more than friendship at stake. The immortal undead are on the prowl, and they want vengeance for the lives that Rose has stolen. In a heart-stopping battle to rival her worst nightmare, Rose will have to choose between life, love, and the two people who matter most..but will her choice mean that only one can survive?Review: The  third book in the  Vampire  Academy  series  by  Richelle  Mead  was   Amazing  there was  allot of action  in this book Rose and Demiti  still have there  secret  relationship  rose can  see  ghosts   she is  still  mourning after  Mason's  death   but  now his  ghost  is  coming  by  which is  weird  cause nothing dead  can   come into  the  academy   cause of the wards  that  means  there is something  wrong and  Rose  is testing  to  be  a guardian   but she  got pared up with  Christian  Lissa's  boyfriend  he  is  not always  wanted   cause of  what  happened to  his  family  they turned  Strigoi  and there is  this secret  group that's  meeting and beating  up  Mori  Christian  thinks  Adrian  likes   Lissa but  he  really just likes  Rose   and then   Rose  and  Demiti  finally  hook up witch  i thought  was  sweet  they  finally  did but then  the  Strigoi  attacked the academy  so  Rose and  Christian  Pare  up and start killing but after it's  over   Rose  found out  that Eddie was  taken  and  Mason  can  help ,  Now  the  Guardians  and  the  fire using  Mori  are going  after the  Strigoi   allot of people  are  ageist it  some  people  don't  think it's  right that  Mori  fight  .demitri and  Rose have a conversation about "the night"  and she  was  worried he  was  going to  take it back  and say it was  wrong  but he  didn't   he told her  he loved her  how  sweet  this book  made me  laugh and  cry  .
- christina 

5 out of  5 


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