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I'm  a twenty- three year old  book blogger  I've been  reviewing books  since  09 . But  before  that life  I have loved books since second  grade   when I learned  how  to read  it  was the best thing  ever I found  a world where I could  get  away  from my  learning difference and then in third grade I found something  else  Writing  I love writing  I can  create a  world  or  a  story out on thin air and that makes me  so  happy I  have participated  in   Nanowrimo  since I was  sixteen and  won  twice   but when I'm  not writing or  reading  I love looking  a book blogs  catching up on youtube   going on Tumblr  and Pintrerst  and   watching tv  my  favorite  tv  shows are Castle  Pretty little liars   . I love anime  it's  so interesting  and emotional .  I love reviewing books  so  come  and  enjoy the  fun  now you know more about me  .

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Julie Meulemans said...


I love your blog and your energy! I have also written a weekly blog for three years called I Dare Say...

More recently I published a fictional novel that I believe you would thoroughly enjoy. Larkspur Bungalow is a fast paced romantic thriller that begins in Portland, Oregon and finds its way to the magical Bay Area. It is a story that embraces strong women and their overwhelming drive that propels them to achieve personal success.

Larkspur Bungalow can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, or iBooks. You can also check out my Larkspur Bungalow FB page or @bungalowbook on Twitter.

Please feel free to connect if you have any questions or comments.


Julie Meulemans


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