Thursday, November 03, 2011

character tag

1.  what  character  would   you  throw  out the  window?   -  Neferet   from the  house of night  series   she's a  crazy  bitch
2.  what  character would be  your best friend   ? Eve  from  morganvile  vampires  she's  just such  a cool girl  she's  like a  goth  pixie
3.   if  you could  make  a character  come  to life  who  would it be    ? Shane  from  morganvile  vampires
he's sexy  and  such a nice  guy   *sexual  thoughts *
4.  what  traits  do you look in  a  character   ?  someone  realistic
5.  what  would  you change in your favorite  character    Adrian  ishvakov  i would  change  that   he didn't  just  let  rose  walk  on him
6.   favorite  male  /  female  character       I'm  going to  do  both  favorite    is  Adrian  from  vampire academy he's  just  a sexy  bad boy   and  really  funny    and  female  Lily  from  dash  and  lily's  book of dares  she's  smart    and I  can  relate  to  that
7. what  characters  would you put  together   ? Shane and  Claire  from  morganvile  (only  read  first book  so  not  sure if   they do  end up together )
8.  favorite  book cupple  ?  Patch and Nora   from hush  hush there  just so  good  together for  a  fallen angel  and  human
9.   what  character  world  would you go  into  ?  Mortal  instruments  amazing   world  I really  want to see  thoes  vampire motorcycles   from the first  book
10.  Jack  from  house of night  he's  just an  adorable  gay guy

Book review - Glass Houses written by Rachel Caine

Title  -  Glass  Houses 
Author  Rachel  Caine  
Release  date - October  3  ,  2006 
publisher - NAL Jam  
pages -  248
Summary-     College freshman Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation. When Claire heads off-campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Her new roommates don't show many signs of life, but they'll have Claire's back when the town's deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood

Review -    Oh  my  god  why  didn't  I pick up this book  sooner  
this  book  is  about  Claire  Danvers  and  she is   a  very  smart  girl    but  she  is  tortured   by girls  at  school and  one  bad  day  she  ends  up  at the  glass house  where  she meets  Eve    and  Eve  is worried about her  especially  since she's beaten  up   she   tells her to  come inside  and  then  she  meets  Shane   "who  I  have  fictional  crush on "     Shane  and  Eve  are both  great  Character  Eve is  sweet and  goth   and  Shane  is  kind of  a  smartass   but  really  cute   and  treats   Claire  like  a little sister    when  Eve  tells  Claire  she  could  move in  but only  if  Michael  lets her   she  falls  asleep  and meets  Michael   who isn't  to  sure  of  letting  Claire  move in   because  she's  a  minor   but  Claire  needs  to live  there because she doesn't  feel  safe at the dorm  this is  her only  option  so she finally convinces  Michael     and  she  gets  to know the  town  and  the  rest of them  and  finds out  people  actually believe  Vampires   live in the  town   well  Claire thinks  that's  nuts  until  she meets  a  vampire  Brandon    and she  also  finds out  Michael   secret    he's  a ghost   this  book was  amazing  there is allot more  like there  is  this  big  important  book  that  vampires  can't  read  so  read this  book   and the  ending   AMAZING! 
4 OUT OF  5  


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