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Book review : In real life by Cory Doctorow

In Real LifeIn Real Life by Cory Doctorow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


November 16-16

Summary - Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role playing game that she spends most of her free time on. It's a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. It's a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends. Gaming is, for Anda, entirely a good thing.

But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer - a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn. This behavior is strictly against the rules in Coarsegold, but Anda soon comes to realize that questions of right and wrong are a lot less straightforward when a real person's real livelihood is at stake.

From acclaimed teen author and digerati bigwig Cory Doctorow and rising star cartoonist Jen Wang, In Real Life is a sensitive, thoughtful look at adolescence, gaming, poverty, and culture-clash.

Review- Anda has started playing Coursegold it's an online game is getting payed to kill this gold farmers until she meets a Chinese kid who is in trouble in real life what I loved about this story was the art I love the drawings and that Anda is not a typical girl this was a very enjoyable story about gaming and friendship until she gets banned from the game for getting money which is against the rules she helps out the kid and gets back into the game and officially joins the guild I highly suggest you read this graphic novel

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book review : Crossing the line by Katie Mcgarry

Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits, #1.1)Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

November 12- November 12

Summary - Katie McGarry captivated readers with her “riveting, emotional”* Young Adult debut, Pushing the Limits. In this gripping novella, she tells the story of Lila and Lincoln, who discover that sometimes it’s worth crossing the line for love…

Lila McCormick, Echo's best friend from Pushing the Limits, first met Lincoln Turner when tragedy struck both their lives. But she never expected their surprise encounter would lead to two years of exchanging letters—or that she’d fall for the boy she’s only seen once. Their relationship is a secret, but Lila feels closer to Lincoln than anyone else. Until she finds out that he lied to her about the one thing she depended on him for the most.

Hurting Lila is the last thing Lincoln wanted. For two years, her letters have been the only thing getting him through the day. Admitting his feelings would cross a line he’s never dared breach before. But Lincoln will do whatever it takes to fix his mistakes, earn Lila’s forgiveness—and finally win a chance to be with the girl he loves.

Review - Lila is going to Florida for college and she thought someone was going to be coming with her but it turns out no Lincoln isn't he lied to her Lincoln and Lila have been writing letters for two years when they met at Eco's brother's funeral and Lincoln's brother died also they've fallen for each other Lila is still scared to go alone but when Lincoln comes all the way to make up with Lila she slams the door in his face but she was happy he brought her purple flowers her favorite when she sees someone she ends up calling Lincoln people think's she nuts but it was a prank by her ex and she's ready to get even Lincoln and Lila go stalk them get paintball them I loved that scene so funny I loved this novella it was so cute I love Lila and Lincoln as a couple . Lincoln had to go through allot to get where he was and so did Lila she was afraid to be alone they work for each other I do recommend you read this story but read pushing the limits first .

favorite quotes - If it wasn't for Noah, Echo would need me more... she would still be insecure, she would still be obsessing over the scars on her arms. She possibly wouldn't have recovered her memory of the night she got them. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be moving on with her life. Damn him for being a great guy.”

“The entire sky erupted into hundreds of streaks of light. I never felt so alive. I wished that you were here with me or me with you. But I think you were. Call me crazy, but it was a moment, Lila, and I'm glad I shared it with you. Even if it was from a couple hundred miles away. ~Lincoln

“Her kiss is soft and warm-inviting. We both explore, a hesitant dance as we glide over lines neither of us imagined crossing.”

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Waiting Wednesday

Beneath the streets of New York City live the Avicen, an ancient race of people with feathers for hair and magic running through their veins. Age-old enchantments keep them hidden from humans. All but one. Echo is a runaway pickpocket who survives by selling stolen treasures on the black market, and the Avicen are the only family she's ever known.

Echo is clever and daring, and at times she can be brash, but above all else she's fiercely loyal. So when a centuries-old war crests on the borders of her home, she decides it's time to act.

Legend has it that there is a way to end the conflict once and for all: find the Firebird, a mythical entity believed to possess power the likes of which the world has never seen. It will be no easy task, but if life as a thief has taught Echo anything, it's how to hunt down what she wants . . . and how to take it.

But some jobs aren't as straightforward as they seem. And this one might just set the world on fire

April  28 ,  2015

this  book sounds  awesome     but  so  far  away 

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now  I haven't read this series  and now I'm excited  to  
-  Christina

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Series I won't finish that I read the first book of

The  body  finder  series by kimberly  derting-   the  first one  was  really really good but second one  was to boring to get into
matched  series   ally  condie  -  I  actually  liked the  first one  but I could not get into the second  one
wake  series  Lisa macmann  -  I liked the  book  I didn't love it  I didn't feel like  continuing
shiver  series   -  it  was okay  

what  are  some  series  you won't finish

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

top ten tuesday : books I want to re- read

 Looking for  Alaska -  John  green   this  was the first  john  green  book I read  and I love  it even more than  fault  
the fault in our  stars  - John  green      this book is  beautifully  heartbreaking  I  want to re-read
twilight -  Stephanie meyer   I re-read this book   every so often  when I'm feeling  nostalgic
vampire  academy   series   -  Richelle mead -  I love   this  series  and  once    the bloodlines series is over I want to re-read this series
fangirl  -  rainbow rowell    I think this  is  a  stand alone book I'm always going to connect with   and  I love it so much

- Christina
Happy reading  !

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Book review - the unfinished life of addison stone by Adele Griffin

The Unfinished Life of Addison StoneThe Unfinished Life of Addison Stone by Adele Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

October 29 - November 2

This review contains spoilers !!!

review -   addison stone a artist  has died  . I loved this story  Addison had her problems and her family issues but she was a great artist this story is told in kind of a biography style told in some pictures  . Addison. gets to new York after. awhile  all we know about Addison is she died but she wasn't murded  she fell off the roof puting up her painting but before she had some problems she kept telling people that this ghost ida was haunting her Lucy Addy best friend finds a picture that Addison painted in the same position.   Zach and Lincoln  are in question for her murder  I loved Lincoln  I hated zach he was just  a rich kid looking for attention .  Lincoln and Addison  were really good together I loved this book  I read  it really fast  I do recommend you read this but it really isn't a mystery.

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