Friday, October 15, 2010

book review : city of bones by cassandra clare

this book   city of  bones   was  really good but also  very slow  this book is about clary   fray  and  when  she first encounters her  first  demon  at the pandamonen  club  and first   meets  golden haired  jace  and gets  pulled into the world  of  demons  and shadowhunters  she  finds  out that her mom was  a  shadow  hunter   but  her mom is  missing  and she doesn't know where she  is     she finds out  allot about her  past that she didn't  know and falls in love with  someone she shouldn't  for  a very good reason someone is  has  loved her for  10  year  very  sweet   this  book  has  romance  magic  and adventure  i love it  and can't wait to read city of ashes  book 2

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