Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Interview with Richard Denney

Hi  Everyone  Today  I'm going to  be  doing my  very  first  author  Invterview  today  we  have  Richard  Denney  Author of Hillserpent Academy  so lets  start.

Hi Richard so have you always wanted to be a writer ? Hey Christina! Actually singing & acting were my first loves, then one day in California, during the summer of 2004 I bought a giant composition book meant for Lyrics. The lyric book turned into a 130 paged book called "Dreama" and from that day that I finished it, I knew that writing meant everything to me. 

What was your inspiration for Hillserpent Academy and are you planing on writing a sequel ? The inspiration for Hillserpent Academy came to me, because to me there isn't enough LGBT supernatural YA fiction and I decided to write my own, but I was inspired by fantasy books such as Harry Potter & John Bellairs's work :) and yes, there are going to be 6 in the series. 

what is your favorite read from this year ? Clarity" by Kim Harrington. so far it's  my favorite, but we'll see in December lol 

I'm a writer what is your advice for me ? Advice? I'd tell you to keep writing and forget what's in or out or what people want to read because as Richelle Mead said "if you write a book to please readers, your going to write a horrible book. write for you, write what you love." :) 

where do you get names for your characters ? Google!!! I don't know what I'd do without google lol. I usually type in something like "Unique girl/boy names" and just go through the lists or take names and create them myself

Thank you Richard Denney and Check out Hillserpent Academy

your welcome! & thank you!

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