Thursday, July 07, 2011

Book review : Looking for Alaska by John green

Title : Looking for Alaska
Author : John green
Release date : march 3rd 2005
Pages 221
Publisher puffin
Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps." Much awaits Miles at Culver
Creek, including Alaska Young. Clever, funny, screwed-up, and dead sexy, Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps.

Review: This book Looking for Alaska was a book that amazed me it was funny and sad it's about Miles/pudge going to culver creek looking for the great perhaps but what he didn't expect was meeting a girl that changes his life Alaska Young pudge fell in love on the first sight of Alaska miles gets some interesting friends the corneal alaska takumie and Lara these guys aren't the rich kids but they know how to have fun miles loves last words which is interesting but these friends love to prank on miles first date at culver creek with Lara he ends up puking on her jeans which is memorable but miles still likes Lara so on a big prank adventure on the rich kids they make out and miles ask's her to be his girlfriend and then something big happens which is big and is a big part of the book it was sad.

5 out of  5 

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Shari Green said...

I loved this book! It's one of the first YA books I read, and it really helped get me hooked on reading and writing YA. :)


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