Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Book review : Rumored by Lauren Barnholt

Title  :  Rumored
Author  Lauren   Barnholt
Release  date :   February  11th  2011

Review  :   Book  3    this  book  was  all  kinds of  crazy   Natalia   ends up going to the  spa  with  the  triad  and  when  Raine  tells her  that she shouldn't  like  Cam  things  go  dirty  the  lights go out   and one  of the girls has a  scratch on her face  and  things go worse at school  and  are  telling  everyone  that  Natalia  punched her   oh god  girl  drama  on way other level    Natalia  hears   Brody and his sister talking about something strange   and  Cam  was sucked the life  out of him  by  Riane   this isn't good.

4 out  of  5

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