Thursday, November 03, 2011

character tag

1.  what  character  would   you  throw  out the  window?   -  Neferet   from the  house of night  series   she's a  crazy  bitch
2.  what  character would be  your best friend   ? Eve  from  morganvile  vampires  she's  just such  a cool girl  she's  like a  goth  pixie
3.   if  you could  make  a character  come  to life  who  would it be    ? Shane  from  morganvile  vampires
he's sexy  and  such a nice  guy   *sexual  thoughts *
4.  what  traits  do you look in  a  character   ?  someone  realistic
5.  what  would  you change in your favorite  character    Adrian  ishvakov  i would  change  that   he didn't  just  let  rose  walk  on him
6.   favorite  male  /  female  character       I'm  going to  do  both  favorite    is  Adrian  from  vampire academy he's  just  a sexy  bad boy   and  really  funny    and  female  Lily  from  dash  and  lily's  book of dares  she's  smart    and I  can  relate  to  that
7. what  characters  would you put  together   ? Shane and  Claire  from  morganvile  (only  read  first book  so  not  sure if   they do  end up together )
8.  favorite  book cupple  ?  Patch and Nora   from hush  hush there  just so  good  together for  a  fallen angel  and  human
9.   what  character  world  would you go  into  ?  Mortal  instruments  amazing   world  I really  want to see  thoes  vampire motorcycles   from the first  book
10.  Jack  from  house of night  he's  just an  adorable  gay guy

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