Saturday, January 07, 2012

Book review Robot dreams by Sarah varon

Title  -   Robot  Dreams
Author -  Sarah  Varon
Release  date-  August  7  2007
Publisher  -  First  second
Summary  -This moving, charming graphic novel about a dog and a robot shows us in poignant detail how powerful and fragile relationships are. After a Labor Day jaunt to the beach leaves the robot rusted, immobilized in the sand, the dog must return alone to the life they shared. But the memory of their friendship lingers, and as the seasons pass, the dog tries to fill the emotional void left by the loss of his closest friend, making and losing a series of friends, from a melting snowman to epicurean anteaters.  But for the robot, lying rusting on the beach, the only relief from loneliness is in dreams.
Review-   A  friendship   with  a  dog  and  a  robot    but  one  day  they  go  to  the beach   and   robot  rusts   and  dog  doesn't  know  what  to  do   other  the months    dog  tries  to   replace  him  with other friends     ducks   penguin  and  snowman     but  no  one  helps    fit  the slot of  robot   so   when  summer comes  again   robot  gets  rescued   and  becomes  a  radio  and   dog  finds  another  robot   and there  both  happy.
3 out of 5

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