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Book review - the host by Stephanie Meyer

The Host with Bonus ChapterThe Host with Bonus Chapter by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now in the trade paperback edition:
New Bonus Chapter and Reading Group Guide, including Stephenie Meyer's Annotated Playlist for the book.

Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

As Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of Jared, a human who still lives in hiding, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she's never met. Reluctant allies, Wanderer and Melanie set off to search for the man they both love.

Featuring one of the most unusual love triangles in literature, THE HOST is a riveting and unforgettable novel about the persistence of love and the essence of what it means to be human.(less)

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Feb 15-March 29

In a world where there are aliens who take over our minds and bodies there is a soul named wanderer and a human named Melanie , Wanda is inserted into Melanie but Melanie is strong and can speak to wanda . I loved this story i had tried many times reading this and it is hard to get into at first but then it hits you the romance the sifi I loved the guys when we meet Jared he thinks Melanie is one of them but notices she's human they all live together Jamie Jared and Melanie I love Jared and Melanie together and Jared when he knows his love of his life is not coming back I don't know how that feels but imagine what he was feeling I would be angry sad and lost when wanda/Melanie come to the cave it's not good Jared is angry , thank god for Jeb he takes care of wanda I love Jeb he is kind and smart there is Ian and kyle the brothers who want wanda dead well until Ian gets to know her she tells stories of others planets talks to jamie and Jared when he finally believes wanda . he kisses her and Melanie punches him ian is in love with wanda they bond they get along he understands there is a crazy seeker who wants to find the people who rebel in the end it works out I hope she writes another .

favorite quote
“Are tou trying to be annoying?" I demanded. My patience was not waning, but entirely gone. "Because if you are, then be assured, you have succeeded."
Jared and Wes looked at me with shocked eyes.
"I am female," I complained. "That 'it' business is really getting on my nerves."
Jared blinked in surprise, then his face settled back into harder lines. "Because of the body you wear?"
Wes glared at him.
"Because of me," I hissed.
"By whose definition?"
"How about by yours? In my species, I am the one that bears young. Is that not female enough for you?"
That stopped him short. I felt almost smug.
'As you should', Melanie approved. 'He's wrong and he's being a pig about it'.
Thank you.
'We girls have to stick together'.”

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