Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top ten things I like in a hero

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Intelligence - I don't like the dumb characters I like when the girl or guy is smart and knows things

Not a doormat- I like when the character doesn't take crap from people but not in a bad why just they don't let people step on them .

Black hair blue eyes - I love boys with dark hair and blue eyes it's very attractive and when there is a character with that I melt like butter .

 when  the   character  doesn't like  something about themselves   it  shows how  real she/he  is

Accents - I love when a character has accents even though we can't hear it I can imagine British or Irish .

Humor - I love funny parts in books I usually am laughing and people
Look at me like I'm a lunatic.

Characters I can relate to - I like to read character I have something in common with I don't get to allot I do see some parts of me in certain characters but I did see allot of me in fangirl by rainbow Rowell .

Nerdy - I am a nerd myself so I love when someone in the book a nerd about something .

Sarcasm - I think when a character is  a little sarcastic especially the guys is something I really like .

Bad boys - I love bad boy characters I kind of think its hot .

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