Saturday, August 08, 2015

Book review : Black Butterfly by Robert M . Drake

Black ButterflyBlack Butterfly by Robert M. Drake
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Book review - Black Butterfly by Robert M . Drake
The Black Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth after death. Drake wrote this book for those who have lost someone in death and in life. This book is a collection of memories and experiences Drake lived after the death of one of his brothers. He promised he would write him a few words after he failed to complete the task while his brother was alive. This book is everything… this book is for all who are breathing and for all who are no longer here. This book is for you.

I loved   Robert  M .  Drake's    writing     I connected  with   allot of the poems  I highly  recommend   you  read   them    

Lost World Maybe that is the problem with the world. We do not know what to feel and we do not know how to be ourselves.”

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J Lenni Dorner said...

Sounds interesting. The butterfly as a symbol of death... cool.


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