Wednesday, December 01, 2010

book review on frostbite by richelle mead

this  book  is  continuing   Rose's  life at  vladimire  academy  Lissa  is  dating  christian   and  keeps  getting into her  head  in  Awkward  situations   stritigoi  are killing  again  but everyone is  on there way  to a ski  trip  and  rose is  still in love with Demitri  but  Demitri  not so much   just because of the age  difference  roses  mom  comes  for the  trip she's  never really  been  a mom to  rose  and  rose  resents  that   and  Mason  is  still loving  rose but  rose  so doesn't like  mason   and  another  guy is  coming into rose's  life Adrian  he's  dark sexy  and likes  rose but  rose thinks he's an  ass   rose finally let mason be her boyfriend  and  Demitri  is  interested in Christian's  aunt  Tasha   to be  Tasha  offered  Demitri  to be her  guardian   disaster  strikes  sadness  love the ending made me  cry in a good way.
can't wait to read shadow kiss 
Paperback, 327 pages

Published April 10th 2008 by Razorbill

5 out of  5 

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