Sunday, December 19, 2010

book review on the awakening: by L.J. SMITH

Elena Gilbert is a pretty, popular teen who was orphaned when her parents were killed in an accident. Despite the tragedy, her life has always been normal and wholesome. Until the beginning of the school year, when two new vampire brothers show up to shake the peaceful universe at Robert E. Lee High.

I  am  in  love  with the  vampire diaries  show  and I haven't read  any of  the books  and I knew  it was  different   and it was  the  book  starts  with Elena  Gilbert  the  golden  girl  the popular  girl  stefan salvatore   comes into  town  he  has a   past   and he's  a vampire   when he  sees  Elena  he  reminds him of  katharine  but  there  very  different    Stefan   has  a brother  who is  way different  than he is  he kills  humans   and  Stefan   doesn't  kill  humans  when there  is  a  killings  starting and they started  ever since Stefan  came into  town  and when  Stefan   tells Elena   all  about his past and even him being a  vampire  about his brother and how he  and  Damon killed  Katharine  the  next  day  Stefan went  missing everyone else  still thinks   that   Stefan  killed the teacher   but  Elena  knows the  truth .
- christina 

Published March 1st 1999 by HarperCollins Publishers 

4 out of 5 

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