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Book review - unteachable by Leah Raeder

UnteachableUnteachable by Leah Raeder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary -
This novel contains graphic sexual content and strong language. It is intended for mature readers. 

I met him at a carnival, of all corny places. The summer I turned eighteen, in that chaos of neon lights and cheap thrills, I met a man so sweet, so beautiful, he seemed to come from another world. We had one night: intense, scary, real. Then I ran, like I always do. Because I didn’t want to be abandoned again.

But I couldn’t run far enough.

I knew him as Evan that night. When I walked into his classroom, he became Mr. Wilke.

My teacher.

I don’t know if what we’re doing is wrong. The rules say one thing; my heart says screw the rules. I can’t let him lose his job. And I can’t lose him.

In the movies, this would have a happy ending. I grow up. I love, I lose, I learn. And I move on. But this is life, and there’s no script. You make it up as you go along.

And you don’t pray for a happy ending. You pray for it to never end.

This review contains spoilers !

Maise is not like any 18 year old her mom sells drugs and her dad is a deadbeat one night Maise goes to the fair and when she gets one the deathsnake she meets someone so they hang out play games drink she tells him she's 21 so they go somewhere private and well you know Maise does this allot she has sex with older guys all the time but this time it feels different with this guy it didn't feel like a hookup it felt more than that but she leaves Evan like she always does a few months later her senior year she can't wait to get out of this town she's taking film she meets another guy a friend type guy Wesley I love him he dorky and is in love with Maise even though she doesn't feel the same way so when she gets to her film class of mr. Evan wilke wtf so this relationship between Evan I loved it , it wasn't just having sex they were doing things and they loved each other the film they were to show at the end oh my god Wesley what were you thinking and it was crazy and it got crazier this book kept me hooked so Evan is actually Eric he changed his name because he has another affair with a student wtf Maise is pissed she doesn't talk to him she is being blackmailed she sells drugs she get into USC her and Wesley are going to LA so she talks to him again and they start back up she wants him to come to LA with her and the end oh my I cried perfect loved it .

Favorite quote you must be Maise , she said in a low mellifluous voice "thank you for not filing a restraining order against my son .

The first thing he taught me was how to make love .

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