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Book review - Holly and her naughty Ereader by Julianne Spencer

Holly and Her Naughty eReaderHolly and Her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

read  from   January  26- 29

Summary  -
What if all those brooding teenage vampires, hunky 19th-century aristocrats, and gorgeous dominating billionaires on your Kindle came to life as real people?

Holly Pritchett is a high school English teacher by day, and avid reader by night. Romance, erotica, sci-fi, horror, and more, Holly's Kindle is packed with thousands of titles and she reads a new novel every day.

But when she returns to her hometown for her 10-year reunion and meets up with an old friend who dabbles in witchcraft, Holly's Kindle becomes much more than an eReader. No longer a passive observer to the many stories from the Amazon store, Holly becomes an active participant in the books on her Kindle, living the experiences of the characters.

That hot billionaire with a troubled past? Now it's Holly who's donning the leather and lace so he can teach her how to live. That beautiful werewolf with the heart of gold? Now Holly is the one who will help him find his true self.

For Holly, life with a magic eReader is a dream come true, until one domineering billionaire takes too keen an interest in her, and the fantasies on her Kindle start spilling over into reality.

Part romance, part adventure, and part satire of literary culture in a digital age, Holly and Her Naughty eReader is a novel for anyone who ever got so lost in a good book they forgot where reality ended and fantasy began.

This review contains spoilers !

 Review  - Holly  was not  looking  forward  to  going  home   to her  high school  reunion    she  was  afraid  she   would see  her  high school  crush   Max    who stood her  up   when  she  was  18  and  worst of  all  she  dropped her  kindle   and  it  broke     Holly  loves her  kindle    and   after  one  night  with  her  friend    she  cast  some   kind  of  spell    and  her  kindle is    on  again  except  it's   different  this  time   she  is  the  character in  the  story   she  thinks  she's loosing her  mind  cause of  what  vivian   did   now  she  can   be  with  hot  guys  in  books  in  many  different   ways    but then  something  happens   a  wall  was  broke  between  our  world and  the book world   one of  the  characters has  escaped  and  is  in  Max's  body    who  Holly has been  spending  allot of time with  since vivian  disappeared  with her kindle  witch she  didn't  christoph   took it   he's  inside  max       she'  gets him  back  everyone is  safe and she  goes   back  home  and then Holly  receives   a  text that   bring  back  memories of  when  she  was  18   and  Holly  finds out some  things  that  were in the past  I loved  this  book    I got  it  for  free  so I didn't think it would be  anything special  but you've got to read it
18 +  

favorite  quote  -  The  words   on the   page  are nothing  but  ink.  Lines  and  curves   and  dots   oranized  in  a  most  peculiar  fashion   .  it's  not until  you read  them  that   they  become  something more  . it is    you who  gives them life   the   characters of  the  book  are only  alive   when   a reader makes  them  so.

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