Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Book review : The house on H street by A.K Francis

The House on H StreetThe House on H Street by A. K. Francis
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september 3-3

Summary  -Lydia Allen finally has the chance to move back home and claim the house of her childhood dreams. She'd always ignored the ghost stories and rumors of evil surrounding the old Victorian, brushing them off as nothing more than small town urban legends. She soon finds out, however, that sometimes the rumors are true, and there can be a high price to getting what you want.

This  review  contains  Spoilers  !

review -This   is  a  short  creepy  story  about this really creepy  house  that this girl's  aunt buys   people always  tell  this  family don't  buy it  bad things happen   her  cousin  Kaylee  spends allot  of  time  with  her  and not at her house   and  then one  night  the police  stop at there house and say   that  her  aunt and  uncle are dead and  Kaelee is  in  shock   she never really  had  peace  after  that  day  she tried to kill her cousin and they moved away and put  kaelee  away    I loved this story super creepy it's free on amazon  .

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