Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Top ten tuesday : Characters who would be sitting at my lunch table

1.  Katy  Dee and  Daemon   (obsidian  Jennifer L. Armentrout )  I love these characters  Katy is  a book blogger like myself   Dee  is  very  engertic   and  Daemon is  so funny  .

2.  Adrian  ivashkov   (bloodlines  / vampire academy  richelle  mead )  Adrian  is one of my favorite  characters   he's  funny  is a  dark way  and I just love him   and  he's sexy    to  ;)

3 .  Annabeth  and Percy   ( the lighting theif )   I just love Annabeth  and  percy  there awesome  .

4. Will  harondale  (  clockwork angel  cassandra clare)   will is  funny  and  sarcastic   and I love it

5 .  augustus   waters  (  TFIOS John green  )   I love  gus  he's so sweet and  caring and I would love him sitting with me  .
6.  cricket  belle  ( lola and the boy next door stephanie  perkins )  I love cricket he's  so  adorable and  smart  .
7.√Čtienne St. Clair  ( anna and the french  kiss stephanie perkins     )    he's  english  he's  short  he's funny  I love  him
8.  Anna and Lola   (  Anna and the french kiss and lola and the boy next door )   there both very differnt  but  I love these  girls  Anna  reviews  movies on her blog she loves movies  and wants to be  a reviewer and Lola love dressing is  costume  these girls are awesome

9. Rose  hathaway  (  vampire academy   richelle mead )   I love  rose she's  badass and  knows  to  stand  up for her self and other people.
10   Jem  carstairs  ( clockwork angel  cassie clare )   Jem  is awesome he's one of those  guys you  just get along with  and  it sucks that he's sick  :(  .

those are my  top ten   characters    who are yours  .

- Christina

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