Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Top 5 wednesday : Female characters

5.  Cath  from  fangirl   by rainbow  rowell - I love  cath  she  is  a  fictional  character  I relate  to   we think alike   .
4.   Lola  from   Lola  and the  boy  next  door  -  Lola   dares to be different  she dresses up  allot in these cool costumes  .
3.  Lena   from  delirum  -  Lena  makes  allot of character development   she changes  allot and I like that she made the  smart choice even though  it's  wrong  among her  society .
4.   Laken  from Slammed by colleen hoover-  Laken  has been through allot loosing her  father   and she goes through allot  but she's  very  strong .
5.  karu  from  daughter of  smoke and bone  by Lani  taylor  -  Karu   was  raised by  monsters   she's not a normal  girl  but I love her blue  hair  .


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