Saturday, February 08, 2014

Movie review of vampire academy

Last night I went to see vampire  academy  and  I was so  pumped I  dragged my  mom  with  me   I thought this movie  was awesome   it  was funny    Zoey   who  played  rose   in this movie  she nailed it  she is  rose   everything  about this movie  I didn't hate one  thing  they got it  right  it felt like I was reading the book I mean it has  been awhile since  I read the first one  but it is  easier to fallow if you've read the book   my mom  thought is  funny  and  Demiri  let me  get this straight awesome the  guy  who played  him did it perfect   when  she called him comrad  I was dying   and  when he said  rosa   I was like OMG  and  the bond  they did it so  well   Christan  was  so funny  the fire scene  OMG   mia  was  terrible  as  always   Mason was adorable  god I love all the  characters  .   everything about this movie was  awesome now  if you've read the  books I do think you'll understand it more  so read the book first then see the movie   I really hope they do the rest of the movies  cause Adrian  swoon
. I'm  planning on  seeing it again  .

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