Sunday, January 04, 2015

2014 in review

this  is  the  first year  I read   40   books  so  proud of myself  and  I read allot of great books  in  2014  .

Favorite  read  :
Slammed by colleen hoover

the unfinished life of  addison  stone
titans  curse
Lola  and the boy next  door
isla and  the happily  ever
Daughter of smoke and bone  by lani  taylor
easy Tamara webber

Books I didn't  really like  -
Now and forever by susanne  colasanti  -  what I didn't like about this  book was the relastionship  the guy  was  a jerk  to  his girlfriend   and it made me angry

Resonable  doubt  vol 1-  it  was allot of  sex  and nothing else

30 books  five  stars
4 books   I gave  four  stars
7 books   I  gave  3  stars

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