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Book review : The big gamble by M . Andrews *SPOILERS*

The Big Gamble (Gambling on Love, #1)The Big Gamble by M. Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

December 13-14

two years ago Brooke McCoy had it all. A successful writing career, a gorgeous fiancé and a beautiful New York penthouse apartment that overlooked Central Park. She was on top of the world. But that all came crashing down when she received a phone call that changed her life forever.
Summary -
After losing her fiancé Jake to an aneurysm, Brooke was still struggling with moving on. The overwhelming feeling of emptiness only growing bigger with her still living in the home she once shared with Jake. Ready to start afresh, Brooke decides to move to Seattle away from the only family she has left for a change of scenery, hoping this will be the change she needs to finally let go of her past and start living again.

Brian Gamble is a cocky, womanizing cop from Seattle. After being burned by love once before, Brian now enjoys the sweeter things in life like blondes, redheads, and brunettes. Winning them over with his jaw droopingly good looks and charm, only to leave them in the wind the moment the condom hits the trash. But as much as he tries to deny it he wants more, and all the women in the world can’t fill the void that his ex left in his heart.

But one fateful night Brooke and Brian’s worlds collide, sparking a hot game of cat and mouse leading them to question their theories on love. Can two people broken by love, find happiness again? And what happens when love becomes the ultimate gamble?

Review- I loved this book I had this book on my kindle since October and finally picked it up and finished it in a day and a half it was that good it was funny and sad and cute and Brian Gamble OMFG . Brooke moves from NYC to Seattle cause her fiance Jake died so she needed a change . And then she meets her new neighbor Brian gamble and asshole who sleeps around and is a cop . Brooke can't stand him . Brian tells his best friend Ryder about her calls her crazy bitch . I think Brian was kind of a dick in the beginning he had his heart broken by some bitch . I did love him though he has a cute little dog named Lola . Lucy , Lucky invite Booke out for a night out but on her way out she runs into Brian and he says she should apologize and then they end up kissing and she was having sex dreams about him hahaha oh god . So when he shows up to the bar he ends up knowing Brook's new friends he grew up with them she runs out but Brian comes out and says he's sorry and he would like to be friends . The next day Brooke comes by and gives Brian donuts and she meets Lola a dog who doesn't like anyone but Brian . Brooke and Brian become good friends they hang out Brooke makes dinner they falls asleep together you can tell they like each other but Brooke doesn't want to just to be another girl to him. But Lucy said she hasn't seen him this happy in a long time and its been helping Brooke's writing so one night when Brooke got really drunk she tries to have sex with him but he turns her down cause she wants her to remember and then the next morning they hook up and Brian asks her to be his girlfriend they are so cute even with there crazy sex . Brooke convinces him to take the detective exam cause she knows he can do it . Brian is working allot so they decide to go on trip to his cabin and they have a great time allot of sexy time cause they haven't been with each other in awhile Brian tells Brooke that there going to his mom's birthday which he didn't tell Brooke and she's freaking out cause she didn't bring anything to meet someone's mom they go in town to find a dress and then they are off to meet Brian's mom and family and it went great. Brian tells his mom that he's going to marry her and then Brian asks her to marry him I was sobbing at this point . Brian goes to take his detective exam and he passes . Hunter and Her dad come into town and then we find out Brian was shot I'm freaking out and crying but he went into surgery and he is going to make a full recovery and she is pregnant I so knew it . They had the cutest wedding I was crying and Brian bought a house for them and a nursery for Ella this was a cute book I loved it and the characters I can't wait until the second one .

Favorite quotes-
Finally a woman who didn't fall for the gamble charm . If I ever meet this woman , I'm going to ask for her autograph .

All right . Sweet dreams he flashes me a wink. Um... thanks . I turn to start to walk away oh , and Brook ? I hope I'm good tonight , he calls out . I stop dead in my tracks oh , fuck ! He heard me though the wall . Now I really need to crawl under a rock.

What is the matter with me ? Every time I'm around Brian I loose all function of my brain and turn into a crazy horn dog.

I cover her up with my blanket and as I do , Lola jumps up onto the bed and curls up next to Brooke you like her ,huh ? Lola lets out an agreeing bark . I like her too .

Are you insane ?
Everything I brought is either lingerie or screams I'm only wearing this so your son will fuck me later . Her breathing is deep and angry and I'm slightly afraid she going to lung at me then strangle me to death .

Love is the ultimate gamble and there are always risks , but when you love someone as much as I love Brooke , the gamble is always worth the risks .

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