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Book review : where I belong j. Daniels SPOILERS

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1)Where I Belong by J.  Daniels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

March 4- 5

When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there's only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid.

Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead.

Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever see him again. When she decides to start her summer off with a bang and finally give away her v-card, she unknowingly hands it over to the one guy that excelled at making her life miserable, learning a valuable lesson in the process.

Always get the name of the guy you’re going home with.

Ben can’t get the girl he spent one night with out of his head. When she leaves him the next morning, he thinks he’ll never see her again. Until he sees her lounging by the pool with his sister.

Mia is determined to hate Ben, even though she can’t forget him.

Ben is determined to prove he’s not the same guy he used to be.

What happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can’t imagine being without?

Review : This Book was so cute Mia's mom is sick and she goes to visit her best friend Tessa but isn't looking forward to seeing Tessa's brother cause he was a complete dick to Mia when they were kids . Mia decides she doesn't want to be a virgin so she goes to a bar and sees a guy and goes home with him and they having amazing intense sex she leaves not knowing his name and goes to see Tessa and the guy who she slept with was Ben . Mia is determined not to like Ben but that might be easier said than done . Ben wants Mia to see that he's not the same guy he once was he tries to be Friends with Mia and Mia meets Ben's son who is a very adorable kid she sees how different Ben is she ends up going on a friend date with Ben and his son and after sending Ben all these sexy texts she can't get him to see she wants to be more than friends until she sends and accident text to Ben and then they have sex then Ben and Mia start dating and Mia starts hanging out with Ben and his son . When there is an incident nolan mom was drinking and driving with him and Ben will probably get full custody . Ben loves Mia but he can't say it since shes only in town for the summer and then Mia gets a call Mia's mom is dying and she drives and calls Ben and tessa her mom dies and she hasn't heard from Ben and she's second guessing there relationship until she finds out he was shot and she drives to him he wasn't hurt that bad good he was wearing his vest they meet up and kiss and fool around in a car . Mia is moving in with Ben and Ben proposes and Mia is pregnant ahhh I loved this book so much I'm on the second book.

This is where I belong. Wherever you are. Always.”

“This was always my home. Wherever he was.”

I know what being around you does to me.” I grab her hand and place it against my chest, my other hand reclaiming its spot on her hip. Her eyes dart from my face to where her hand is and I see her eyes react to the effect she has on me. “Do you feel that? That’s what you do to me. Every fucking time I’m near you.” I can hear her heavy breathing while her eyes stay glued to her hand. I don’t say anything else. I just let her feel it. You own this part of me. Take it.”

I press my lips to her forehead, pulling the covers up over us both. “Sleep, angel. You have me. I’m never letting you go.” And with those words to her, she finally relaxes.”

I was trying to be good, baby. I wanted you to see that I’m not that same guy you once knew. I’ll never be that guy. I’ll never hurt you, Mia, and I’ll fucking kill anyone that does. But this is it. Once I have you again, I’m not letting you go. So you better be damn sure this is what you want because there’s no going back after this.

“Ben pulls his wallet out of the back of his pants. Where his ass is. That. Ass. It’s the perfectly sculpted entity in itself. There should be internet sites dedicated to it. Fan clubs. Parades even.”

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