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Book review- Sea of monsters by Rick Riordan

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

april  23-  may  7

Summary -The heroic son of Poseidon makes an action-packed comeback in the second must-read installment of Rick Riordan's amazing young readers series. Starring Percy Jackson, a "half blood" whose mother is human and whose father is the God of the Sea, Riordan's series combines cliffhanger adventure and Greek mythology lessons that results in true page-turners that get better with each installment. In this episode, The Sea of Monsters, Percy sets out to retrieve the Golden Fleece before his summer camp is destroyed, surpassing the first book's drama and setting the stage for more thrills to come

This  Review  Contains  Spoilers   You  Are  Warned  

Review-    The  second  book in  the  percy  jackson  series was  awesome   ,  Percy  has  this  dream  about  grover   in  trouble   and  then his mom   told   him  that   he  shouldn't go  back to camp  because it's  dangerous  .  He  and  his  friend  tyson   are  attacked  at school   and  Annabeth comes   and they head  back to  camp and find  that   thalia  tree has  been  poisoned    and  chiron  has  been  fired  and  this  new   director   has been  hired  he's  intersting   oh and  tyson  is  a  cyclops and  he's  percy's  brother  wtf  . so after being  attacked  again they  sneak out of camp   to rescue  grover  and  get the flease  for  thalia's  tree  .  They  find  flease   and  a  cyclops   that  apparently   grover  might be  getting married  to he's been  pretending  to be  a  woman  cyclops  so  the  cyclops  doesn't kill  him  oh  and clarise   is  there  saying  he's  a  sater  omg   shut  up  annabeth  gets   hurt  and the flease  works  oh and  tyson  is there with rainbow   they put  the  flease  on   thalia  tree  and it works  a little  to well .
I loved this  one  so much  .

favorite  quotes -  Annabeth:My fatal flaw. That's what the Sirens showed me. My fatal flaw is hubris.
Percy: the brown stuff they spread on veggie sandwiches?
Annabeth:No, Seaweed Brain. That's HUMMUS. hubris is worse.
Percy: what could be worse than hummus?
Annabeth: Hubris means deadly pride, Percy. Thinking you can do things better than anyone else... Even the gods.

Powdered donuts," Tyson said earnestly. "I will look for powdered donuts in the wilderness." He headed outside and started calling, "Here, donuts!”

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