Friday, May 02, 2014

Why I started reading and why I started book blogging

 When  I was  7  I just transferred  from  a  private  school to  a public   school .   I have a learning difference  in processing   which means  I process  things  different  to  my  brain   like  math .  When  learning to read I was scared   cause I'd  already  failed  so much in school  and the  school before  didn't believe in me  very  much  but when  I learned   i got the  reading bug  I went to the library   checked out a   book   and it changed  me forever. my  first  book I remember loving was   bridge  to  tarabirtha by  Katherne  Paterson    it  made me  cry  I read it over and over again.    A few years later I found writing    my  very  first blog post  was on  writing   it  was post on december 8, 2009  a  few days later I posted my  first book review   and I really liked  posting  book  reviews   so  I  stuck with it  and  it  became  my  passion  talking about books  writing reviews  and  reading   .
- Christina

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