Tuesday, July 08, 2014

top ten tuesday Blogging confessions

  1. I use to hate  ereaders   now  I own  a  kindle  and  I love it    , it  really doesn't matter how you  read   I also named my  kindle  
  2. I have over 400   kindle  books  most are free  I have a problem  
  3.  I have been blogging since  2009   
  4. I love my library   but  they  don't have the  best  collection of books I usually have to get my  books  from  other libraries    and have them  delivered  to  the one I go to
  5.  I  am  a terrible  speller  
  6. I love the  smell of books 
  7. I hate my local  b&n the people are  rude and they never have the books I want .  I prefer my  independent  bookstore  it's an hour  drive so I don't get to go all the time  
  8. I think read  faster  with my  kindle  
  9.  If  I could book  blog for  a living  I  would  
  10.  the lowest rating  I've  ever  gave  a book was  a  two

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