Thursday, April 03, 2014


I  was  listening to  my  audiobook   .  and  I was  thinking  are people  pro  audiobook   or  anti   audiobook .  I'm very  pro  audiobook    I've  read  over  34   books  with  audiobooks .  I think I love audiobooks  because   it  feels  like someone is telling me  the  story  I'm reading .  it's  enjoyable  the thing  that  can  break  an   audiobook   with  me   is  the  narrator .   if  the   narrator   doesn't  fit  with  the tone of the book I'm not going to like  the  audiobook .but  other than  that  I love audiobooks   I'm doing the audiobook  challenge   this year.  have you ever listened  to  an audiobook    .
-  Christina

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