Monday, April 21, 2014

Top ten Tuesdays characters that would be .... my BF

  1. Levi  fangirl  by rainbow  rowell -  I  love  levi   and  I think he's  so  cute and  sweet  
  2.  Agustus  waters  from  TFIOS  john  green  -  really  you have to ask  he loves hazel so  much and  won't take  no for an  answer  when it comes to there  relationship.
  3.  will  cooper  slammed  by colleen  hoover -  even  though  what he's  been  through  he's sweet   and romantic  and loves  poetry  
  4.  Daemon  from  obsession  by jennifer L  armentrout  - sexy  alien  that  protects   
  5. noah  from  pushing the limits by katie  macgary - a guy  that cares for  his  family  is nice  
  6. adrian  ivishkov  vampire  academy  by richelle  mead  -  adrain  is kind of  a bad  boy  but  not really  he loves allot   he's  very  sexy  
  7. four  from divergent  by veronica  roth  -  I have  loved four  since  book  1  and now that i've read them all I still love him
  8. Ben  chambers   from  the uni files  the art of letting go by anna bloom-  a guy that  plays in a  band is  my  kryptonite   
  9. st. clair  from anna  and the french kiss  by stephaine perkins -  a  sexy english  guy  
  10. Wesley  rush  the  duff  by  kody  kepliger  - he  starts as a jackass  but he comes around  

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