Monday, June 30, 2014

Librairy survey

1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live? I live down the block to my library and the name Wallingford library

2. How frequently do you go to the library? Probably twice in a week

3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library? Young adult or new releases

4. Share a link to your library’s webpage. How often do you use it and what for? ???

5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not? No I'm 20

6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better? Better ya section

7. Does your library have a self checkout station and do you use it more than the circulation clerks? Yes it does but it's so confusing

8. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library? Book club I did it from middle school to high school I met my best friends there

9. Do you have family that utilizes the library with you? Who is your “library buddy”? My friends and mom

10. What is the best thing about your library? The books and they have this couch that I could sit and read all day in

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