Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Top ten tuesday - top 10 books i've read this year

1.  daughter of smoke and bone  by  Lani  taylor  -  if you like fantasy  you will love this   it's an  amazing  story   I'd  pick it  up  if  I were  you
2.  easy  by  tammera  webber-  this was my  second  new  adult  book  this  is  about a girl who is almost raped  and  about the  aftermath  
3.  slammed  colleen  hoover  -  this  is  about  a  girl  who  looses  her  father and  then her  and her family move and then she  meets this guy  and  then it  gets  complicated 
4. bosypants by   tina  fey
5.losing it   it  by cora  carmack  -  is  about  a  girl  who  doesn't want to be  a Virgin so  she decided to have a one  night  stand  but  at  last minute she can't do it  and then she  finds out  he  is her teacher .

-  Christina    


Jazmen ThisGirlReadsAlot said...

I love Easy. It's a great novel! :)

christina622 said...

I know it's beautifuly written


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