Thursday, June 05, 2014

May favorite quotes

favorite  book quotes of this month  -

Clearly I wasn't meant to have sex . This was god telling me  that I was meant to be a nun. Get thee to a nunnery , and all that crap. -  Loosing  it  cora  carmack

He released my wrists, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling out hearts beat in sync as lips fallowed a meandering path from my ear down . Choosing to be with you isn't difficult decision , Jacqurline, he breathed , pulling back one final time to state into my eyes . It's easy . Incredibly easy. Easy  tammara  webber   Page  310

regular  quotes  -  

I  hope you enjoyed  my  may  quotes  let's see  what  june  quotes  I like  
- Christina  

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