Monday, June 09, 2014

Movie review of the fault of our stars

On  friday  I went to  see  the  fault of our  stars with my mom and my mom didn't  read the  book and I did  she knew the  ending though  . okay  when I heard  that  one of my  favorite  books  was becoming  a movie I was scared  when the trailer  launched I was littlerly  crying  and seeing the movie seeing all my  favorite  parts when they meet   and  everything  else    I have to say the perfect  gus and  hazel   Ansel  and  Shai  were  perfect  I actually   could  see them  as  the  characters  and the sad parts  *spoilers* when  they   go  to Amsterdam   and meet with the  author of there favorite  book  he was a  asshole as  much in  the  book  and I loved  Hazel's emotions   in this  scene and  at the  anne  frank house  when they finally kiss it was so cute   and the love making scene i'm not  going to call it a sex scene  cause it was  the best sex scene  cause you could see how  they loved each other  it was adorable.  When   Gus  told  hazel he was  dying  I was sobbing.  and  nate  wolf  as  Isaac  he  was perfect and funny  the egg  scene  was hilarious   the  fake  funeral  was where i was really  sobbing  cause it was the part in the book I  was  sobbing   but  it  was sad  issac    when  he  died  It was sad  cause I love gus  he's  one of my  top  book  boyfriends     and the letter  gus wrote to  the ass writer I was crying and laughing  this movie was perfection   I want to see it again   now some of my favorite quotes  cause you know I'm quote obsessed oh and I bought the soundtrack on itunes  amazing music also . 

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