Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five Friday Favorites Favorite Books You've Read Between April and August

Five  friday favorites is  hosted  by the  book  badger

I  loved  slammed I love  the  deal of  the  death of  a parent  which I've gone though   as  same as  laken   and  the love of will and and lake  I love  it  my new  favorite book .
my  second nonfiction  novel and i loved it  I read it with the  audiobook and tina  fey is so funny.
 this  is new  adult   and  I loved  this  one  about  a student teacher  romance    and  about  a girl  name bliss  who doesn't want to be  a virgin   anymore  .
I  loved  attachments  it was  funny and cute  go  check it out .
I loved lola   I loved lola even more than anna cricket  and lola are so cute together.  


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