Thursday, May 07, 2015

Top 5 wednesday books I want to see as a tv show

5 .  The  Slammed  Series by Colleen  hoover  I think this  would  be  an  interesting  as  a tv show  I feel as  a movie  they would mess  it up    but   I  love  all these  characters  and I think   it  could be  a good drama .

4.  Delirum  lauren oliver  but not like  they did   last  year   way better     I think this could be  an  amazing  tv  show    .

3.  Percy  Jackson  by  Rick Riordan  the movies  are  really   bad  there entertaining   but  the  don't  tell  the story of the  books    and maybe  they  could actually cast   the kids  as the age they  are   cause  all the greek mytholgy  is amazing .

2. Bloodlines  by  Richelle  mead    I think  this  could be a  great tv series  after they do  vampire  acdemy  of  course   .

1.  Vampire   academy  by  Richelle mead  I actually enjoyed the movie  I didn't really see  it  as  really  bad  but  I do have to say it would be better as a tv show.

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